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[356] Technical support
By Ashika162
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By Harry Manse
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[438] Garmin Express Updater
By Harry Manse
With updated software on your devices, you will not only be able to get the latest features but also some crucial security updates. Thatfs why we have a web address- garmin.com/express, where you can register your Garmin device, get the latest updated maps, installation guidance, etc. Updating the information of Garmin devices becomes easier once you download and follow the procedure to set up the software from the URL. This will allow users to automatically receive update notifications on their Garmin devices. To find more detailed information, visit the above-mentioned site now.

[437] Garmin.com/mapupdates
By Stathom Conway
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By anika
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[434] What are some of the coolest government jobs in India which are even better than private jobs?
By Nilesh Dubey
Officer in Indian Armed Forces.

Well, you may have heard things about pride and respect on various social media but i would like to define things very normal mode and perspective.

Lets begin with skillsc
The day i joined the academy, i felt in hell.

I remember not even completing my first 2.4 kilometers race and the punishment that followed. For the first time in life i was punished not because i failed but because i gave up

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That day i found a meaning to lifec.

I began running and today i do it in less than 8 and half minutes.

Like wise, when i look back, i realise that today i know swimmimg, horse riding, golf (joined club), photography (club).

Fired some of the most deadly weapons on earth and master the skill of firing.

My collor bone was fractured during senior term, still i managed to run 40 kms of josh run with rifle and pitthu of many kilograms.

Jumped from 10 meters into the swimming pool.

I survived jungles without food and water.

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I learned navigation by locating the stars in the sky.

Learnt the use of varuious curtillery at the same time sharing food and plate and eveything else..

While my civilian friends were also sailing smoothly, it was never so adventures for them. I know skills of survival and courage to kill, today i am more confident of anything and everythingc

It's all for free..

Now lets talk of salary.
It's very good. As government has given facilities, i can maintain a good standard of living with less salary as my civilian friends.

Many of my coursemates had fallen due to heat during cross country, it happens as everyone is trying to put in the best. We didnot leave them behind, we never do. We carried each four of them on our shoulders.
I am thinking of doing para jump's course, and deep sea divier course which is fully volunteery and free of cost.
We get official paid leave to study outside army the fee too would be on concession or do M.tech at IIT's.
Living through some of the most hostile envoirnment and winning through it.
In the end, i am not comparing but what bear grylls does on tv, we do on routine. If we get bored, we shift to someting else but it's always func

The job is cool because, it takes me to point where i feel I won't be able to take it but then i do always..

Today, i know the value of food water and a human life, that is why life is more peaceful but func

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[433] Fast Job Search #1 Government Job Portal In India
By Nilesh Dubey
Today the web is full of information. But nobody get the precise information for a particular Government Job. Now, Here comes the role of Fast Job Search website, which provides all detail of government jobs. Starting with the apply online date of the form to download its Admit Card and then finally with Answer key and Result of that particular government job.

[432] Tips For Writing High Quality Assignments
By johnmiller
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[336] Allegiant Airlines Reservations
By krystelava50
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